Saturday, 20 March 2010

[明天的行動] 抗議政治檢控、聲援報到的被捕人士

Sunday, 21 March 2010 (明天!)
15:30 - 18:00
律政司辦公 室 (金鐘道政府合署高座) 遊行至警察總部!/event.php?eid=110427325638693&ref=mf

表達意見, 是我們的基本權利.
集會抗議, 是我們之應有自由.

然而, 在號稱司法獨立的香港, 不斷有人因捍衛言論自由, 實踐公民權利而被拘捕.

警方於前線濫權鎮壓, 律政司秋後算帳亂用惡法.
政治檢控, 越見猖獗, 公民社會, 備受威脅.

三月二十一日, 我們將往律政司所在之金鐘道政府合署高座抗議政治檢控.
之後遊行至警察總部聲援兩位因抗議被捕, 需於當天報到的的行動者陳巧文和梁穎禮.
並會於警總門外進行討論會, 交流對抗爭行動之想法.

*誓反公安惡法, 是次遊行及集會行動並無事先申請*

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  1. Dear Miss Chan,

    We are a group of students from City University of Hong Kong studying Translation and Interpretation.
    We are now working on a project of Media Translation regarding post 80's. This project focuses on the
    relationship between post 80's and society so as to find out the attitude of post 80's, the reasons that contributed to their attitude and the
    social influences on post 80's. It will be great to have your opinion. When will you be available
    for an interview next week?

    Looking forward to having your reply.

    Best Wishes,
    Hui Hing Wing
    Ng Ting Wai
    Chan Wing Han