Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Columbus day: Smallpox Day

Sorry for the lack of updates. Did not have access to the internet for the last week or so. Am back now.

It was Columbus Day a few days ago - a public holiday in the States, it is celebrated in many country in the America.

To this day, I still can't believe so many people around the world can openly celebrate a day which marked the beginning of genocide, disease, rape, starvation, and homelands invaded and stolen every year... with no shame.

Further Reading:

The American Holocaust

Reminds me of how the Chinese Government, to this day, still calls the invasion of Tibet a "peaceful liberation" and celebrates every year, outside the homes of people whose land they'd usurped, the dawning of disasters never seen before to this land.


  1. Actually, it's no longer a public holiday in most States and private employers. It's only a a public holiday for the federal government agencies only.

    State governments and private employers are backing away from this holiday precisely for the same concerns you've raised.